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Shopping is OVERRATED

Keep that in mind while reading this page           


What we OFFER:

  • Name your own price!! You choose the amount to spend

  • No shipping or handling charges….ever

  • No tax collected

  • No tracking number to mess with

  • One size fits ALL! As opposed to one-size-fits-none found in stores everywhere

  • No maintenance of items required

  • A deep down "feel good"....                      (BAM! Love that)


What we DON’T offer:

  • Mugs (Our name in your cupboard is not something we long for)

  • Beeping, flashing key chains (if you lose your keys a lot this may be a good idea)

  • Bumper stickers (We like “funny ones” and couldn’t think of one)

  • Water Bottles (If you need one of those you’d better get some exercise. Besides, ours probably wouldn’t be PETE or HDPE so  you might get sick and sue us)

  • Dust-Mop Slippers… or magnets for the fridge (they don’t work on your stainless fridge anyway)

  • Monogrammed click-pens (We know you have plenty of pens already, “click” or “no click”’s just up to you to find the working ones. One more would not solve that problem)    AND….

  • T-shirts! Admit it: one more may necessitate expanding your storage space (And we would rather you donate that money to us)

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