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 Diane Burningham, Founder, Executive Director           

Graduate of Gonzaga University with a bachelor’s degree in GS-- Human Services emphasis(Communications and Psychology)

My most important contributions to society, greatest blessings, most meaningful  life lessons/growth and experience stem from two things:

(1) Family (raising six children--interacting with 21 grandchildren)

(2) Volunteer (zero income) Service. Volunteer leadership positions--Key Coordinator on the Missouri Citizens Council, PTA President and PTA committees Chair, Vice Chairman of Special Olympics events, Co-chair of High School S.I.T.E. committee, Assistant Director (2 summers) of Alpine Community Theater, lifeguard/hiking guide /class instructor at teen girls camps, Personal Progress leader and advisor to young women 12-18: Cub scout den leader and Pack Committee Chairman, President of  ward Relief Society with 150-200 members (a women’s organization with nearly 6 million members worldwide) Counselor to Presidents of children’s primary and women’s organizations.


Other: Volunteer at food pantries, annual scouting for food drives and in countless school classrooms; nursery leader (kids 18 months to 3 years), children’s music director (ages 3-11), church classroom teacher/discussion leader (from kids to adult classes), activities chairman (planning and execution for groups and congregations of 200+ kids and adults), Time Management instructor (church women’s groups and through community college), Meal Planning instructor (women’s groups and through self published book), H.I.M volunteer (medical trip to Guatemala and fundraising for the children), hundreds of food orders managed to feed needy families and perhaps most important in the area of service are monthly contacts/visits with women (moms) to give social, emotional, spiritual, temporal support—every month, in every community I’ve lived in for over 40 years….   



In 2013, on a whim, my husband and I moved to Boulder City, NV (no ties to NV whatsoever) built a home on a lot that was mostly air (it took 3000 dump-truck loads of dirt to get us at street level) and now we have a fantastic view of Lake Mead! Ahhh, breathtaking. For years I have dreamed of helping boys who struggle academically learn to read! RANDOM, I know. Boulder City has inspired me to just “do it” with a lake to play in, trails to ride on and mountains to climb. What do lakes, mountains and bike trails have to do with reading? The kids who join Ateam find out…


 I love to water-ski and wake-surf, music and musical theater. I love riding my bike, swimming, hiking up mountains, visiting CA beaches and hanging out with kids. I raised six children and LOVED summertime best! When the kids were out of school we always had “plans!” Some outing-- a waterslide to race down, a roller rink to test drive, children’s plays downtown to take in, a new big toy at a park to play on, a new path to follow around a lake (there were many lakes in our area and we visited them all), a river bridge to jump from into the water, visits to the library, swimming lessons and meets, a carousel ride downtown, tandem bikes to rent in our Riverfront park, a sky ride on a gondola, etc.  Also, we always had a book to read with a book report each day due from the kids (required for them to participate in our “outings,” and they loved it, never missing an activity) All this (and much more) prepared me for ATEAMBC.   

There’s only ONE explanation for the creation of AteamBC. Undeniably and remarkably so, I see and feel the hand of God in this work.







                                     Creative Course Director/Entrepreneurship & Athletics Mentor





                                     CFO/Academic Tutoring Mentor


                  Part Time:


                           A Technology Specialist

                           Staff (1-3 people)



All Ateam Staff Members Share These Values:

  • We believe in the freedom of individuals to believe whatever they will without fear of discrimination, judgment or preferential treatment

  • We believe that all children are of one race: the human race

  • We believe in the power of faith

  • We believe in a Creator who loves us and will direct us if we ask and allow it

  • We believe every child is worthy of love and belonging

  • We believe no child is better than another

  • We believe that those who work with children should provide an example worthy of emulation

  • We believe that a child’s needs, including the needs to be respected and to be taught should be put before pre-existing learning models, political correctness and an adult's wishes.


In our teaching space:

  • We believe in having fun and that it is important!

  • We believe every Ateam student can learn

  • We believe in rules

  • We believe effective rules are based on true principles (certainties we can apply in our lives)

  • We believe in discipline that addresses behavior with a connect and redirect approach that does not attack the child's nature

  • We believe in rewarding good behavior


And last but not least—


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