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Episode I: SCHOOL WARS-- Problem
Episode 1 -

Note:  Here is some entertaining information about boys in school and their learning challenges. We are well aware that girls have academic reading challenges too! We want ALL kids to succeed. We encourage all 4th-8th graders who are reading-challenged to come be a part of Ateam to open up a future of opportunity and success.

Episode II : AteamBC STRIKES BACK-- Solution
Episode 2 -

Reboot:  the process of restarting a working computer using hardware (e.g. a power button) Rebooting is sometimes necessary to recover from an error, or to re-initialize drivers or hardware devices.

Academic Reboot: the process of restarting an able child using a power program—AteamBC. Rebooting is sometimes necessary to recover a student from apathy or to re-initialize academic learning.

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