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When Joshua started our program as a young teen he said, “I hate to read and you will not be able to teach me how because I’m stupid!” He had been trying (and failing) to read for 8 years. Now every night before he goes to sleep he says enthusiastically, “I am amazing! I can read!”

Illiteracy is bondage, dependency and despondency. Your dollars give a child hope for a future of freedom and opportunity.

When you give it matters! (Check out our News page for our latest donor campaign) 

YES, I want to help a child
Here’s my tax exempt donation of
______ $17.75 (buys a specialized workbook for a child/teen: double that includes teacher manual)
______ $32.43 (buys a 10 book Here’s Hank collection helpful for dyslexic readers—$89.99 for full series)
______ $169.95 (we can purchase a balance board--improves focus, etc.! Or Purdue Pegboard--dexterity)
______ $1798.00 (covers a child/teen’s brain assessment, therapy, and follow-ups for 6-12 months)
_______ $ Other (any amount will go to help a child)




Giving is about human kindness and connection. Millions of kids and teens do not read proficiently and are at risk of a life with little opportunity or hope. One of struggle and despair...

Through YOUR donation someone’s life is changed forever

Behavioral science identifies a range of factors that influence our donations… This is great news not just for charities, but also for donors. Research has revealed that spending money on others actually makes us happier than spending it on ourselves, and giving to others can actually make us healthier. (The Guardian, The Science Behind Why People Give Money to Charity)


How would life be different if reading was always a struggle?

  ALL kids have potential, they just need a chance!

·         If you see the need to be able to read and feel compassion for those who don’t

·         If you feel fortunate and desire to give back

·         If it’s important to you to be a role model

·         If you just love kids

·         If you feel more connected to community when you donate to a good cause

·         If you give for religious, familial, or personal reasons

·         If you recognize the drag on this nation due to low reading skills of its citizens,

Please help us get as many kids and youth to READING-PROFICIENT as possible for hope of a bright future


Our Promise:  Through diligent effort, our work removes reading blocks and takes children (and youth) from where they are to where they need to be -- good readers for life. 


We turn their struggle into a challenge that we overcome together. This success will raise a child’s self-confidence and quality of life more than you can imagine, and help correct some crippling problems facing our nation.

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